ANZMC8 Probability Session

The session was held on Wednesday and Thursday, 10-11 December, 2014 at ANZMC8.

Organizer: Kostya Borovkov.

Confirmed speakers

  • Andrew Barbour (Universitaet Zuerich)
    The central limit theorem for gossip models
  • Kostya Borovkov (University of Melbourne)
    On approximation rates for boundary crossing probabilities for the multivariate Wiener process
  • Andrea Collevecchio (Monash University)
    General random walk in a random environment defined on Galton-Watson trees
  • Daryl J Daley (University of Melbourne)
    Kolmogorov and Wasserstein metrics for d.f.s on positive half-line
  • Jesse Goodman (University of Auckland)
    The gaps left by a Brownian motion
  • Kais Hamza (Monash University)
    Bootstrap Random Walks
  • Mark Holmes (University of Auckland)
    Random walks in degenerate random environments
  • Jeffrey J. Hunter (Auckland University of Technology)
    The accurate computation of key properties of Markov and semi-Markov Processes
  • Owen Jones (University of Melbourne)
    Runoff processes on trees
  • Malwina Luczak (Queen Mary, University of London)
    Law of large numbers and central limit approximations for Markov population processes with countably many types
  • Ross Maller (Australian National University)
    Distributional Representations and Dominance of a Levy Process over its Maximal Jump Processes
  • Greg Markowsky (Monash University)
    The exit time of planar Brownian motion and the Phragmen-Lindelof principle
  • Giang Nguyen (University of Adelaide)
    Two-boundary fluid queues: the stationary distribution revisited
  • Andriy Olenko (La Trobe University)
    On the rate of convergence in non-central limit theorems
  • Nathan Ross (University of Melbourne)
    When do wireless network signals appear Poisson?
  • KEYNOTE: Aihua Xia (University of Melbourne)
    A unified probabilistic view of the wasted vote phenomenon
  • Wangyue Xie (University of Queensland)
    Tail Behaviour of Infinite Mixtures of Phase-Type Distributions