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  • PVSeminar #5 Thursday 1 October 2020  / 17:00 AEST

    Ross Maller (Australian National University):  A Generalized Dickman Distribution and the Number of Species in a Negative Binomial Process Model 

    Abstract: In Ipsen, Maller, Shemehsavar (J. Theoret. Prob., 2019) we defined a new class of distributions related to Kingman’s PDα distribution, which we called PDα(r). It has two parameters, α∈(0,1) and r > 0.

    A version of Ewens’ sampling formula was derived for it, and we obtained a formula for the probability mass function of Kn, the number of allele types/species observed in a sample of size n from PDα(r).

    The aim of this seminar is to sketch a derivation of the large-sample distribution of Kn as n → ∞.

    We cite a set of genetics data on the near-threatened marsupial quoll as a nice motivation. [Joint work with Yuguang Ipsen and Soudabeh Shemehsavar.]

    Zoom meeting link:  https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/96456180686?pwd=TGN1VTZMa3JYRElEK0FIQ2Z2OEpFQT09

    Password: 078431

    PDF file with slides: PVSeminar_talk_2020_10_01.pdf

  • PVSeminar #6 Thursday ?? October 2020  / 17:00 AEST — TBC

About PVSeminar

Inspired by the example of the One World Probability seminar, we are delighted to announce the birth of a new open online probability seminar, an initiative of Probability Victoria group.

One World Probability seminar is a great initiative. From our time zone (UTC+10) and other countries in East Asia and Oceania perspective, its main drawback is that it is run around midnight. So we thought it would be great to have an additional online seminar run at a time more suitable for our region (but also acceptable for some other parts of the world).

The seminar is planned to be run on Zoom weekly, on Thursdays, starting at 17:00 AEST, which is 8:00 in London, 9:00 in Paris & Frankfurt, 10:00 in Moscow, 15:00 in Beijing and 16:00 in Tokyo (the listed times are correct until October, when switches to/from daylight saving time will be occurring; an additional announcement will be made then).

If you sign to our seminar mailing list you will receive a Zoom link to the webinar one day before the talk. To subscribe to the mailing list, please send an empty email (completely empty, no automatic signatures etc.) with the subject “subscribe pvseminar your name” to probvicseminar(at)gmail.com

To leave the mailing list, send an empty email (completely empty, no automatic signatures, etc.) with the subject “unsubscribe pvseminar your name” to probvicseminar(at)gmail.com

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Kostya Borovkov (seminar series organizer)

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