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  •  PVSeminar #50, 08 June 2023  / 17:00 AEST 

Andreas Kyprianou (The University of Warwick,  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland): Attraction to and repulsion from patches on the hypersphere and hyperplane for isotropic d-dimensional α-stable processes with index α in (0, 1] and dimension 2 or more. 

Abstract: Consider a d-dimensional α-stable processes with index in α∈(0,1) and d≥2. Suppose that Ω is a region of the unit sphere S^{d−1} = {x ∈ R^d : |x| = 1}. We construct the aforesaid stable Lévy process conditioned to approach Ω continuously, either from inside S^{d−1}, from outside S^{d−1} or in an oscillatory way; all of which have zero probability. Our approach also extends to the setting of hitting bounded domains of (d-1)-dimensional hyperplanes. We appeal to a mixture of methods, appealing to the modern theory of self-similar Markov process as well as the classical potential analytic view.

Joint work with Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa (National University of Mongolia), Sandra Palau (UNAM, Mexico) and Mateusz Kwasniki (Technical University of Wroclaw).

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This online probability seminar is an initiative of the Probability Victoria group, inspired by the example of the One World Probability seminar.

One World Probability seminar was a great initiative. From our time zone (UTC+10/11) and other countries in East Asia and Oceania perspective, its main drawback is that it is run around midnight. So we thought it would be great to have an additional online seminar run at a time more suitable for our region (but also acceptable for some other parts of the world).

The seminar is supposed to be run on Zoom weekly (or fortnightly, depending on the availability of speakers), on Thursdays, usually starting at 17:00 or 19:00 AEST (Australian East Standard Time, UTC+10, the timezone of Melbourne & Sydney) or AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, UTC+11, the daylight saving timezone of Melbourne & Sydney). Please check the time difference between your timezone and AEST/AEDT — and beware of the switches to/from daylight saving time that tend to occur from time to time.

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